In January 1974, two of my favorite musicians, Paul Ouinichette and Sam Woodyard (the drummer), which had not been on the New York scene for years, were playing at ”Churchill’s”,  a little club on the East Side. Duke Ellington was again in the hospital, fighting against the cancer which was to claim his life four months later. Consequently, his band was on an enforced vacation and our friend Paul Gonsalves had nothing but free time for a month. We took advantage of that to go and ”jam” as often as possible with Ouinichette and Woodyard, to listen to piles of old LP’s and, on the whole to tighten the bonds of a long and rewarding friendship. Since Gonsalves and Quinichette had a very good time playing together, I decided to arrange a recording session with them. It would be also the first time they would record together.

The recording took place on February 4, 1974

Gerard D‘ Pochonet


Paul Gonsalves (1-4) - Tenor Saxophone

Paul Quinichette (2, 3-6) - Tenor Saxophone

James Taft Jordan (5) - Trumpet

Dill Jones (2-5) - Piano

Harry Fow (6) - Viba

Clifton "Skeeter" Best (1-4, 6) - Guitar

Cecil Gregory (6) - Guitar

Thomas Bryant (1-4, 6) - Bass

Woolf Friedman (5) - Bass

Gerard "Dave" Pochonet (all) - Drums

Track Listing


1. Yesterdays (Kern)

2. One for Lester (Pochonet)

3. Cold Christophre Street Lament (Pochonet)

4. Little Mama (Gonsalves)

5. These Foolish Things (Strachey & Maxwell)

6. Jumping with Symphony Sid (Young)

Recorded 4th February 1974 , NYC, USA (Tracks 1-4)

                   6th October 1974, NYC, USA (Tracks 5)

                  26th May 1974, NYC, USA (Tracks 6)

Communication CO 300

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